On my Head

Bárta Dan
2010-10-19 00:00:00
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On my head

[D]Lead my [F#mi]heart in my own [G]place,
run up to the [A]stars across the hea[D]ven.
Hel[F#mi]lo, you [G]say, you will [A]drive me lazy.
[D]Meeting my [F#mi]heart, leaving the [G]yard,
Waiting for the [A]night’s birds, never say ne[D]ver
We [F#mi]freak, we [G]burst, blasting [A]from all angles..


/:[D]When I am [F#mi]standing on my [G]head,
you are crazy smiling,
[D]now we don’t [F#mi]have it, we are [G]mad,
go round this [A]speedy romancing:/

[D]You have the [F#mi]time to take a [G]break,
[D]get up to [F#mi]find your lost con[G]trol
[D]Someone [F#mi]lost your trust, your [G]soul,
looking for the [A]right size and a good mea[D]sure.
I am a [F#mi]tough guy from the [G]sky,
my good will [A]drives me crazy..

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